Who is BeatFaceHoney?

Tatiana "Beat Face Honey" Ward is a celebrity makeup artist and educator. Her very start in the beauty industry was that of educating. Her precise and easy to follow YouTube videos have amassed over 13 Million hits on Youtube worldwide. 

 Tatiana’s mass appeal, skilled artistry, and straight forward teaching style has transcended her from an online influencer to working with celebrities and educating live. She has been featured in major publications such as Teen Vogue, Elle Magazine, Buzzfeed, Ebony Magazine and many more. Her bubbly personality and extensive knowledge of makeup has been featured on BET, The Steve Harvey Show, CNN, and the FOX Network as an on air contributor. 

Having a very sizeable Instagram following and a growing online presence, Tatiana has become a long standing and respected staple in the makeup community. So much so that her live classes and private sessions keep her traveling the world. 

BFH in the Media

Since breaking through in the industry, BeatFaceHoney has had the opportunity to be featured on several news sites as well as legitimate entertainment outlets. Click to read on the exploits of your favorite celebrity MUA.