BeatFaceHoney & Elle!

I have no clue how it came to be that Elle Magazine featured me but I'll humbly accept and relish in it:) Its no secret that I don't really like a ton of makeup on myself. Unless its a youtube video, you rarely see me wearing even eyeshadow. Well, this is my routine. It thrills me to show you all that even a celebrity makeup artist uses drugstore product. Although it is not the foundation I have in my kit or use on clients, it really is what I use on myself. Ive always reserved the luxury products for my clientele while experimenting with inexpensive product for myself. What I've found is this: Its all the same shit! The skill is in how you use it.

I'm so thankful to have this opportunity. I thank you all for the stages and places your support has shown me. To see my face attached to a brand such as Elle is a reminder that life keeps happening quickly and God keeps putting me in places that even my biggest dreams didn't detail...Wish I'd have seen that boogie in my nose in the details but hey, Im on ELLE! Thanks.